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Электрондук почталар жөнүндө билдирүү

Убактысы: 2022-11-02 Hits: 75

We are notified by our kind client that some other person who doesn’t work in KIMDRILL were contacting him instead of us. That person blocked every email between our sales and clients and edited the proforma invoice with their own bank information in order to cheat money from clients. The fake email is shown as following:

From: [электрондук почта корголгон] [почта:[электрондук почта корголгон]]

Here we claim that the email address [электрондук почта корголгон] does NOT belong to any staff of KIMDRILL. All the emails sending from [электрондук почта корголгон] on behalf of KIMDRILL are fake. If you receive the emails like this, please do NOT click reply. Because the email will be replied to the address [электрондук почта корголгон] rather than our address [электрондук почта корголгон].

The normal email format would be:

From: [электрондук почта корголгон] [почта:[электрондук почта корголгон]]

If you receive any message from the fake address, please kindly contact us directly.

Биздин электрондук почта дарегибиз: [электрондук почта корголгон]; [электрондук почта корголгон]; [электрондук почта корголгон].

Our Whatsapp number is: +86 186 9226 2621(Joyce); +86 186 2755 6329(Kiko).

Or Call us +86 731 8983 1198.

From: Eric Lee

Office менеджер

Kimdrill Piling(Changsha) Co. Limited

NO.899 Dujuan Rd. Yuelu District Changsha Hunan China

Тел: + 86 731 8983 1198